July 28, 2020

Rock ‘n’ Roll

1950’s Rock n Roll is an infectious style of dance. It is danced to music from the likes of Elvis Presley, Bill Hayley, Chuck Berry, and Jerry Lee Lewis.

We teach an authentic 1950’s Rock n Roll style. It is a low to medium impact type of exercise, suitable for all ages and abilities.

Rock n Roll is a fantastic social dance and we are lucky to have many live band nights locally to practise and really absorb the 1950’s feel and the music.

If you like the 50’s era and fashion then there is no better feeling than putting on your 50’s circle dress and petticoat, or drainpipe trousers and Hawaiian shirt and getting up on the dance floor and strutting your stuff, dressing up is optional, but it is great to watch too.

We have classes for absolute beginners to the more experienced dancer.