September 25, 2020

Dancing Memories

Are you looking for a low impact exercise to encourage residents or seniors to be more active; evoking happy memories whilst enabling and encouraging participation in a group movement session?

Dancing Memories is a social seated dance exercise session for people over 55 years who may have restricted mobility, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or anyone who would find other forms of exercise such as Pilates, Yoga or Zumba a challenge. Dancing Memories is ideal for people who enjoy music and want to exercise whilst seated, unless a dancer decides to stand for part of it.

We use props like scarfs, ribbons and shakers. The music is tailored to the group and exercises are adapted accordingly to the needs of the dancers. The focus of the session is to enjoy the music, have fun and be active.

Our session can be for 30 to 40 minutes, depending on your participants’ requirements. The session would need to take place in a communal area in a retirement village/complex, care home and day centre. The sessions are fun, friendly, engaging and very rewarding. We offer a range of options including regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions. Sessions start from £19 for half an hour/£25 for 40 minutes, all you will need to provide is a chair for each dancer and the space so each dancer can stretch their arms out to either side. Maximum group size is 18 but this is limited by your own space available. Our teacher is fully qualified, insured and has an enhanced DBS.

To book a 30 minute taster session for only £12, please email