October 13, 2020


Laura has been teaching dance for over 22 years. As a youngster she undertook many different styles of dance including Ballroom and Latin, Rock ‘n Roll and Freesytle Disco. She worked her way through her dance exams, took part in competitions, amateur shows and achieved her IDTA Professional Teaching Qualifications.

Laura’s enjoyment of dance continued as an adult, learning Tap, Lindy Hop/Swing and Salsa.

Laura likes to pass on her enjoyment of dance to all ages and has taught and choreographed dance numbers for amateur show with dancers from as young as 18 months.

She is experienced in running a business as well as teaching her own classes.

Laura so enjoyed teaching that she decided to pursue teaching as a full time career and achieved a Bachelor of Education Degree in Primary Education and has taught in Primary schools for 12 years.

She likes to dance socially with her husband and together they have passed their love and enjoyment of dance to their daughter, especially 1950’s Rock ‘n’ Roll.